From Our Bar: The Mapletini

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and the classic flavors of fall abound: chestnut stuffing, apple cider, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie. However, today’s cocktail pays homage to an oft-overlooked autumn flavor: maple.

The “Mapletini” is a simple seasonal cocktail perfect for your pre-turkey line-up; although you might be hard pressed to find the drink’s secret ingredient in your local liquor store. The signature spirit, Sortilege Maple Liqueur, hails from Quebec. We special order it for the bar at Nino’s from one of our wine importers.

Sortilege is a delicious blend of Canadian whisky and Canadian maple syrup. So, in a pinch, you might stir some warm maple syrup with whisky to create your own infusion. The flavor profile is more maple than whisky, so be liberal with your syrup. The vodka added to create the Mapletini will mellow any cloying sweetness.

We chose Stolichnaya vanilla vodka, although different vodkas might yield interesting results. The ratio for the cocktail is 1:1–just half Stoli Vanil and half Sortilege. We chill this ‘tini in a shaker and serve it up in a glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar. A cinnamon stick stirrer or a garnish of vanilla bean would also do the trick.

The Mapletini is great alone or paired with food, and the vanilla-cinnamon-maple notes would work well with both sweet and savory dishes. Since I tend towards savory, how about miniature maple sausage sandwiches with sauteed onion and apple to beginning your Thanksgiving feast?